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Silvana Galeone was born in 1945 in Taranto, a charming city of the Two Seas whose ancient Hellenic origins will influence the heart, imagination and soul of the future painter.

Silvana manages to pass, with extraordinary lightness, from pictorial forms that look at expressionism to refined ceramic sculptures in a continuous dialogue between present and past, research and tradition.

Eminent art critics have combined the creative genius and the works of Silvana Galeone, made of unfinished forms, open and that reinterpret a different conception of figures and space, to the great exponents of the twentieth century.

The creative force of the hands, the faces of women, the bodies, are decomposed and recomposed in a continuous tension that shapes the space and transforms it into unique and unrepeatable emotions that inexorably fascinate the gaze of the observer who is pleasantly dragged into the continuous change of the evolutions of the forms.



Silvana's Women

Silvana's Horses

During her intense professional activity there have been numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, from Spoleto to Rome, Mantua, Matera, Milan, Taranto, Recanati, Cosenza, Naples, Fermo, Prague, Lausanne, Brasilia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, New York with numerous and important awards from the public and critics.

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