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We Will Bring You Fashion, Art, and Design Trends with that Dolce Vita Sensation and Twist so You Can Live Italy as if You Were Here.

The Italian Style has a Unique “DNA” that is built up in thousands of years of heritage, where beauty and aesthetic perfection has been a predominant cultural element and being surrounded by billions of stunning artistic masterpieces, stimulates the Italians to create and desire always more and more superb masterpieces … “MAGNIFICO !”

This is the essence of the Italian Dolce Vita Life Style… to have beautiful things… thus influencing the Italian way of being, dressing, living, eating, and enjoying life… “ALLEGRAMENTE ! “ .


ITALIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP  being distinguishable for its quality is recognized as a status symbol and is so highly desired so much that before Covid19 people from all around the world would come to Italy to shop these exceptional goods locally.

Now with this unique e-mall we are bringing to the world the possibility to still have these unique Italian pieces that you would normally find only locally, virtually online at your fingertips.

You can get exclusive limited editions and workmanship, just like when traveling to Itlay!

We are bringing you the best of the local craftmanship,  personally seeking and picking them for your delight so anyone from around the world can BUY AUTHENTIC ITALIAN GOODS WITH A SIMPLE CLICK !


at your
fingertips …

Look Maker

Looking for a Fashion o interior designer, stylist, or consultant?

We are a team of luxury sales assistants, stylists, and professionals ready to help you with your shopping. Through our live chat or in a video call we will assist your needs and desires, happy to help you create an authentic Italian style or assist you to find the right pieces perfect for the look you desire and /or for the gifts you are looking to make. Our virtual bespoke luxcierge shopping assistance will cater to your total satisfaction.

Tryout our Stylebot too. This is an innovative Machine Learning chatbot that wants to learn what you would like and try and become your Netflix like a consultant, give EVA a try or read our articles where you might find the inspiring idea and look perfect for you 😉






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Feel Good

At Home

If there was ever the best lounge time to embrace a glamourous housedress, this housebound moment surely is!

Lounge area

An elegant house dress that represents a glamourous Italian style, for an authentic joy of living, giving positive and sensual emotions that will make life at home a dolce vita experience.

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