Comfy chic: tips to stay at home without losing your style

Vivid colors that are good for your mood, nature patterns and ultra-comfortable fittings

Comfy chic is the new trend for a perfect look to be stylish and comfortable


Lately we all hear about “Comfy Chic” it is a new stay at home term and trend. An expression that has become common because of the situation that we are all experiencing at this historic moment. The global spread of coronavirus in the world has led us to be more at home and the need to feel good and presentable if we are in sweet company or to enter in a Zoom or virtual conference or live chat or even if we see ourselves in the mirror as we pass by it, it has become a must even at home to look fashionable but in a totally conformable way.

Main key points for a comfy chic wear pick:

  1. Must be comfortable
  2. Must be fashionable the top part that is seen on screen
  3. Pearls always give that chic look especially if you are wearing black
  4. Floral and jungle tops give good moods
  5. Cartoons prints will make people smile
  6. Animalier prints will make you feel a bit more aggressive and sexy
  7. Check out on the screen view how you are showing up and if you like it and makes you feel good, then go for it !

What are the must-haves for the comfy chic look ?

Comfy chic is that perfect look that combines style, elegance and comfort, nowadays also color to brighten up humor and of course in the winter time surely warm and cozy:

Our favorite picks from the best made in Italy is the Italian Cashmere. Italy has a region in particular where for hundreds of years have been working on working and knitting this uniquely soft wool into marvelous masterpieces, this region is Umbria.

Umbria is in the central part of Italy characterized by many stunning uncontaminated landscapes, immersed in green sinuous valleys and ancient medieval villages on the top of the hills creating an enchanted region, rich in history, art, culture and spirituality. Umbrian craftsmanship has always been much more than just the production of goods for everyday life and over the centuries has reached degrees of quality and aesthetic value still unmatched today. This small region of central Italy is the land of choice and district of world excellence in the processing of cashmere and the finest quality of wools, it is the place where many artisan workshops, even very small, continue to pass on a heritage of ancient craftmanship and where even the largest international companies choose to produce their knitwear lines many of the famous big brands like Missoni and Cuccinelli for instance produce in this area where weaving craftsmanship has preserved the traditions and ancient habits, with unique activities related to production methods that have their roots in the culture of the territory and heritage in time.

Imagine how comfy warm and elegant you would feel with a dress and or cardigan and a nice long skirt or those comfy soft pants. These are the high in-house easy-going trends for this winter 2020 where all colors go and are an expression of your sentiment but were quality and class is seen even behind a video screen and when you look at yourself in the mirror making you feel good.

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