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Terra Mia Italia is a brand that guarantees the authenticity and quality of Italian agri-food products validated by Confindustria Reggio Calabria.

With the project ” TASTE MADE IN ITALY” the Internationalization Desk of Confindustria RC aims to accompany companies in a path of entry or consolidation of its presence on foreign markets.

Terra Mia Italia, identifies and enhances the origin of products whose qualities depend on the geographical environment of origin, including production.

All suppliers under the Terra Mia Italia brand are guaranteed and controlled and maintain the connotation of “Italianità” through compliance with protocols, regulations and traceability.


Artisanal Products

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The Birra d'Amalfi craft brewery chooses local raw materials that give the beer the fragrances of the Amalfi Coast. La Birra d'Amalfi manages to produce a craft beer in a workmanlike manner, which respects the link with the territory thanks to citrus fruits and citrus honey that speak of the typical and natural flavors of this land.

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