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We will search for you the best Italian creations, not accessible to the mass market,  and unveil their masterpieces and creativity, and allow them to be bought just by those who are part of our community. 

Here you will discover AUTHENTICLY MADE IN ITALY CREATIONS, get to know who they are, where and how each unique piece comes to life.

Each Creation & Artisan has a story to tell!

We’ll bring it to you along with their heritage so you can live it and take home an experience and an “authentic” piece of Italy.

Italian Luxury Shopping


An E-Mall dedicated exclusively to the enhancement of Italian excellence. • Highlight the uniqueness of creative flair and Italian manufacturing excellence, telling where the inspirations of creations are born, how it is rooted in the territory and how influenced by the art that surrounds it and its heritage, making it unique and not comparable with other countries that do not have this distinctive, unique and rare DNA. • Communicate in an innovative and multimedia way to be captivating and modern in order to enhance creations • Develop creative and multimedia content for communication through the portal and via social media with videos, storytelling, 360,3D, AR and VR elements, articles and editorials with insights, advice and trends. • Technological innovation in pole position: artificial intelligence, chatbot h.24, virtualized personal shoppers, virtualization of shopping with augmented and immersive reality boost innovation and virtual try -on.


A portal not only oriented to sales but also to the enhancement of the distinctive element of Italy, its essence deriving from its art, its places, and its history. key elements that make it unique. • A means of communication of magnificent creativity and purely Italian workmanship that manages to create timeless beauties from a block of marble or special texture highlighting the true value of Made in Italy. • A vital tool for the sustainability and growth of Made in Italy. create new jobs and push the Italian economy through innovation and digital marketing, bring innovation and digital transformation to the sector to allow virtual adaptation.


Promote made in Italy and help companies in digital transformation, helping companies by assisting them in digital marketing, with cutting-edge technological solutions, with an innovative e-commerce platform where they can expose and sell without borders the wonderful creations of Made in Italy excellence.

Make italian style lovers happy who can not come to buy in Italy, thus bringing made in Italy excellences to them digitally in order to buy with a click !

Founding Team

Alexa Fast

Founder CEO

born in Hollywood in the Red Carpet, ICT expert, 20 years in innovation and Digital Transformation from Business Process Reengineering through to Digital Communication and into Industry 4.0. Involved in consulting for digital transformation to improve communication and usability of data, for various private and public institutions, as well as for the Italian government and defense personnel.

Anna Pastore

Founder COO

interpreter and translator began her career as a buyer of mid-to-high-end leather accessories made in Italy. In 1999 she arrived at Gucci spa where she dealt with the cross-functional coordination of operations involving different company departments and the management of special projects with external companies.


ItalianLuxuryShopping stems from the determination of two women who have been together for more than 20 years in the technology and fashion fields.

We decided to create an innovative e-commerce like a virtual shopping mall with an editorial project combined aimed to promote the excellence made in Italy. A dedicated place where you can learn about, experience and buy masterpieces and creations from the most exclusive designers and artisans that could be found only locally. 

We are searching for only the best, most iconic and that have that unique Italian made supremacy that would not only tickle your fancy and imagination but also your ego to be a proud owner of such extraordinary timeless beauty and quality!

Day by day new designers and brands of Italian wonders will be added and their story of how their creations came to life and where their inspiration has come from will be told and exposed.

This is not an ordinary e-commerce site but a full expression of the  Italian culture, craftsmanship, lifestyle, elegance, art, design, class, views, flavors, smells,  sensations and visions of the unique Italian creativity.

Our Story

01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015

The Beginning

ITALIAN LUXURY SHOPPING (ILS) was founded in 2015 as an online editorial with the aim of being both a B2C communication tool on fashion shows and trends, and as a model of market monitoring in relation to digital attitudes in the fashion sector, but above all, as an information medium available to Italian brands interested in approaching the digital revolution. Shortly after the birth of ILS, digital communication and industry 4.0 would supplant the current  status quo,  introducing the Digital Darwin Age. Over time, from information blog ILS also becomes a paper magazine of the GEI (Italian Editorial Group).
15 Jun 2017
15 Jun 2017

The Development

Start of ROMA LUXURY a high-end  tourism agency, with an information site on what to  do in Rome and shopping assistance for affuent  travelers, creating wide network curating  shopping of the top  luxury brands and communication of high end events in Rome.
01 May 2020
01 May 2020

Italian Luxury Shopping Platform

innovative e-commerce conceived both as a platform dedicated “EXCLUSIVE” to  Made  In  Italy in its entirety (its architecture, food, fashion, crafts and cultural icons lived as a sensory experience), both as a  means  of  marketing and promotion of Made in Italy, absolutely cutting-edge and technologically, and in the mode of communication,  also positioning itself as a technological partner for companies through the proposal of services  Tech4Luxury  addressed to all top clients who love Italian creativity &  workmanship .
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