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Who We Are

ItalianLuxuryShopping stems from the determination of two women who have been together for more than 20 years in technologic and fashion fields.

It is an innovative e-commerce virtual shopping mall and editorial project dedicated to promoting made in Italy excellences where you can find the top made in Italy workmanships and creations. Day by day new designers and brands and Italian wonders will be added.

This is not and ordinary e-commerce site but a full expression of Italian class, life style, elegance, design, flavors, smells, views and visions of the Italian creativity.




We search for the best Italian makers even unseen  and unveil their creations. 
Here you discover who, where and how each unique piece comes to life.

We group together Artisans and provide them the techniques to compete with the giants of the industry, offering marketing tools and logistic support.

Each Artisan has a story to tell. We’ll bring their heritage and a piece of Italy to your door.

Founding Team

The core member of the company

Alexa Fast

Founder CEO

Born in Hollywood in the Red Carpet, 20 years in innovation and Digital Transformation from Business Process Reengineering through to Digital Communication and into Industry 4.0. She has been involved in consulting for digital transformation to improve communication and usability of data, for various private and public institutions, as well as for the Italian government and defense personnel.

Anna Pastore

Founder COO

interpreter and translator began her career as a buyer of mid-to-high-end leather accessories made in Italy. 20 years in the Fashion Industry in the management area, in 1999 she arrived at Gucci where she dealt with the cross-functional coordination of operations involving different company departments and the management of special projects with external companies. Worked with Tom Ford, Frida Giannini, she has been also involved in the creation of the Gucci Museum

Our Story

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