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A Typical Italian Day

Italian lifestyle is largely imitated all over the world. It is made up of small and big habits that create a peculiar and sought-after image. Italians value and celebrate all aspects of life, such as spending time with family and friends, eating and drinking well, and enjoying beauty in all its forms.

You will wake up by the burble of the caffettiera (espresso-maker) this is mandatory but after you can even stop at your favorite local coffee bar taking your breakfast, as a lot of Italians do: espresso and a pastry, where you can talk about local gossip, football, or discussion about the latest news.

Your day can start now going to your workplace facing the car traffic or walking through people who are never too in hurry but sometimes nervous if they find a queue.

At 1 o’ clock is time for lunch in the big town you can enjoy your meal for at least an hour in restaurants in the small-town Italians prefer going home home for lunch if time allows.

From 6:00 pm, just before dinner, it is the Italian aperitivo time: a drink and a snack or small bite before dinner, and the best moment to socialize  always dressed to impress and appear to be in the right place at the right time.

Finally, you can enjoy your dinner, sitting down with your friends, enjoying all of your food and (Italian) wine without guilt or hesitation. Italian love also to organize dinners at home.

As a consequence, you stay awake until quite late, maybe sipping your last drink and lost in conversation. This how a day in the life of an Italian ends.

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